Social responsibility

In Grupo Atenea we are aware of the role of companies in the process of social transformation, and as such we assume our commitment by generating actions that encourage the development and well-being of society.

That is why we have consolidated a strategic alliance with CEDRO and USAID for the implementation of the project «Alliance for the Amazon against COVID-19», with the purpose of contributing to mitigate the health, social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations in the alternative development localities (Huánuco, Junín, Pasco, San Martín and Ucayali). Prioritizing 95 localities, of which 36 have the presence of native communities. Likewise, through partnerships with the Rainforest Foundation and Esperanza Amazonica, the project finances and intervenes activities in the provinces of Ramón Castilla and Maynas in the Loreto Region.

The strategies used are aligned with national, regional and local policies related to the state of health emergency derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially considering those of the health, education, development and social inclusion, culture, women and vulnerable populations, agriculture, environment, production, among others.

Through the execution of a communication strategy with a preventive and health approach, mechanisms of orientation and psychological counseling and financial education aimed at economic recovery, the following results are expected to be achieved according to the components of the project.




People receive information on prevention in integral health.


Agents are involved in integral health communication actions.


Media are committed to comprehensive health issues with an emphasis on COVID-19.



Receive guidance, counseling, and emotional restraint.

Professionals are trained in mental health, psychosocial intervention and health promotion.

Community agents are trained, promote comprehensive health and provide mental health care.



  • 4.000 people are trained in financial education.
  • 500 people are trained to create and strengthen businesses.
  • 200 enterprises receive support in equipment and supplies.
  • 2.000 people access microcredits.
  • 1.500 people have savings accounts.
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