Social Management: eight pillars for Group Atenea

Taking into account that our administration has a presence in Latin America, with headquarters in Brazil, Peru and Colombia, there is a human part and close to the environment and its  beware, which connects to Group

Atenea with the social responsibility of all types of organization.

The social  part  also becomes a broad starting point, which generates employment and sustainable visions that monitor that environmental processes are cared for by professionals.  Highly trained.

Today we tell you about our  Integral Social Management Service, which is led by our team of sociologists, anthropologists, environmentalists, industrial relations, archaeologists,  and many more,  who, by pooling their knowledge, build a respect for  resources and support for vulnerable communities.

Specific services for

Social Management

  • With t ac t o primary social: Studies of social contact with the environment and management of project approval.
  • Land and Easements: Management of archaeological sites, Resettlement of populations, Land and easements, Cadastre (GIS Technology), Property sanitation .
  • Prevention of risks and social conflicts: Risk management, conflict resolution , casuistry and also negotiation strategies ).
  • Social Management Programs: Identification, planning, design and implementation of programs with a circular economy and ESG perspective).  This includes implementation of social programs in education, health, infrastructure, etc.
  • Relationship with Government and NGOs: National and international governmental and non-governmental relations . (Management, negotiation and support).
  • Communications Management: Communications strategies . (Design, development and implementation).
  • Data Est ructurada for Social Management: Generation and structure. (Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Taylormade, etc.)
  • Social Management Indicators: Audit, evaluation, generation of KPIs for social It includes social impact assessment, social performance, Due Diligence, etc.

This social, human and environmental part is connected to the  company’s values and know-how.   That is  why they become an inevitable part when presenting proposals, designing strategies or analysis for all types of companies.

Finally, at Grupo Atenea we analyze the current state of your company or project and help you identify what types of changes could be made, under a qualitative analysis and quantitative and find the best solutions for

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