Why Applicants confidence Analysis (ACA) is it important?

The services offered by  Grupo Atenea, regardless of their purpose, are qualified as a group of tools and organizational skills that help create a safe work environment  and reliable. This type of actions are applied transversally to companies and of course is aimed at areas that intervene in this type of processes such as Human Resources, IT , Corporate, Compliance and Security.

What is Traceability of

Employee Confidence (TEC)?

It is a solution that helps to raise productivity and performance based on monitoring and maintaining the level of confidence of the work team during its trajectory in the organization.

The quality of productivity and performance of its employees ends up defining the quality of product or service that is presented abroad. The service is socially responsible because it generates a truly objective diagnosis based on the fusion of a tabulated mathematical result of personal history and Reliability test, supported and validated by a professional in psychology, who will recommend actions to improve in each case.

How does

it work?

This type of analysis and results are carried out by professionals who have more than 20 years of experience managing transversal risks in organizations, to keep them safe and achieve that theirprojects are viable. The prevention of these crises and the management of situations in particular, are developed from the results of this type of analysis, therefore, always It is recommended that its results are linked to companies from different sectors.

Continuing along the line of TEC and its composition, it goes through a personal safety study. Which means, that the background check, that

It becomes a determining factor to hire a professional or not, is present and has several characteristics that define its function, for example: the analysis of history on Official data, the mathematical tabulation of results according to process status and severity, and the adjustable tabulation according to the organizational values of the company.

This means that comparing these results, which are more oriented towards the technical with the results of psychological analysis, will obtain a balance that will favor the taking of decisions.

This psychological test of reliability is 100% digital, easy to interpret results, is friendly to the evaluated, is easy to answer, has an algorithm programmed to avoid repeated tests and has measurement of behavioral trends (robbery, theft, fraud, use of illicit substances, sexual harassment, disloyalty, etc. ).

Its analytical bases are similar to those of the ACA or Applicants confidence Analysis , which means that its results are comparable and measurable in favor of a good Recruitment phase .

In the process is the difference: In this case the Traceability of Employee Confidence (TEC) begins with the verification of background or facts, then goes through  the reliability test , and It ends in a personalized diagnosis of behaviors. This results in a full report and favorable actions.

There are additional actions that can be applied, in case the procedure needs it. Some examples could be: job promotion, contract renewals, job rotation, coaching , and many more.

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