How to retain human talent in companies and why is it important?

The two pillars that must be taken into account to retain human talent are: maintaining healthy work environments and promoting good relationships within the company.

It is necessary that the selection and recruitment process be carried out by HR experts, an action that allows them to evaluate if the candidate is connected to  the company, its values  and what they are looking for to fill the job .

What should you consider

to retain your employees?

It is important to keep in mind that  workers are looking for jobs that allow them to explore their skills and exploit those they have already developed over the course of the time. This means that it is also vital that they feel that they can propose new ways of doing work that was already established and improve some practices  that they could be obsolete.

On the other hand, feedback in all cases is always positive. Either from a point of view of improvement of a proposal or project or in the  same way if your vision is clear and approved by a manager  or director field. It is important that your employees feel that their work is important, in favor of achieving it Human talent and their value plays a very  important role.

Remuneration must be competitive. This part   is usually definitive and decisive for most candidates if you talk about those who are just beginning their path within your company. And in the case of those who have been there for a while, it will always be important to take into account their achievements, merits and effort to encourage them not only to continue inside. of it, but that they can overcome obstacles and adapt to new technologies.

Developing as a professional in such competitive markets today  is a challenge. And as head of a company, it is advisable that the actions are aimed at the continuous education and training of new skills.

Advantages of

retaining human talent

  • It creates a positive image towards the outside, inside and of course in its customers; This type of action creates trust, respect and transparency towards your products.
  • Your workers are the face that represents your brand or company to the world. It is advisable to base this relationship on values and principles that make them create a sense of belonging to their work, work and company in general.
  • Prevention of future economic losses.

There are  many types of analysis in Grupo Atenea such as Traceability of Employee Confidence (TEC)  or Applicants confidence Analysis (ACA)

These types of studies will help you in these processes and give you optimal results to hire the right people.

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