How to keep your employees happy at work?

Employment is synonymous with success. Whether small or   large-scale projects, the mental state and motivation with your collaborators becomes an important pillar to ensure the quality of your Selection processes, talent retention and job performance.

From basic values such as transparency, tolerance and respect, good and lasting working relationships are built when they are taken into account: crisis factors, possibilities of growth, valuation of achievements and when constant learning is encouraged.

It must be remembered that its collaborators are in constant training, whether they are interns or people with many years of experience.  Starting from that is necessary so that your time within the company allows you to extend, grow and realize yourself as a professional. All this will be reflected in their work and delivery of results.

Here we will give you three

tips to maintain the labor goods:

  • Offer benefits and rewards. Remember that you are dealing with human beings who not only do a good job of working; They are people who deserve incentives that motivate them not only to produce optimally, but that make them feel that their work is valued.
  • Gratitude is key. All its collaborators are waiting to present proposals and projects that require their total attention and immersion within the company.  This effort should always be rewarded and recognized.
  • Allow tt to grow t o and ascent. This last tip is a must within any organization and is connected to the result and effort that its workers put into their projects. Why? Each  of them is looking to overcome stages of learning and prove to themselves that they can acquire greater responsibility over time.

In Grupo Atenea we offer advice, analysis and multiple types of studies that can help you determine if your employees are in a viable state to continue within the company and their proximity to an excellent labour goods; as well as others that by their results will help you determine if in selection processes they are applying for the correct position and their skills make ‘match’  with what you are looking for.

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