How often are occupational psychological tests done?

In general, this type of  psychological tests are usually decisive not only in the performance of the employee and in the results  of his work, but also

In addition, they end up becoming important and crucial factors for any type of work.

 The psychologicaltests will allow you to periodically know the current status of your collaborator.

 And this will always be for the well-being and mental and even physical state of your collaborator within any type of company.   Which means that the follow-up of these exams and professional accompaniment is vital, even more so when employees, contractors or collaborators have been in  The organization, since these results, with a good type of final analysis, will serve to determine if its current state is good, both for the person, and for the organization.

There are several factors that affect this type of analysis , the most important are age, the type of work you perform, the  time you have been inside the  company,  the  history of promotions or promotions within it, achievements, goals, etc.

This type of analysis is essential in  new workers or in the process of recruitment. And not only for issues such as  crisis prevention  or simply knowing the current status of a candidate for your organization, but also to  determine that this person meets the basic requirements to be able to take charge of entire areas or even to start an internship.

Once you have  access to this information, in the case of workers who have been within an organization for a long time, it  is necessary to link all the results,  collect information and  analyze how the performance and progress of this has been over time.

Factors to take into

account in matters of time

Each person requires personalized attention and extreme care when talking about their results. Everyone, of  course, will carry their record in results and will be connected to them until their relationship with  the company is forged more with the passing of the time or come to an end.

Grupo Atenea offers a list of services that can complement these analyses and make a numerical comparison with another type of research, so that the results allow you to create  Lasting and prosperous working relationships.

In particular: Traceability of Employee Confidence (TEC)  and Applicants confidence Analysis (ACA)

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