Applicants confidence Analysis: How Does It Work?

Applicants confidence Analysis is a type of study that will help you optimize time, money and avoid job crises.

What is a Applicants

confidence Analysis?

An ACA or Applicants confidence Analysis is a tool that integrates and optimizes the selection process in an automated way, reducing the process time by up to 70%.

This practice not only saves the organization time and money at the time of interview, but also this service is socially responsible because it generates an objective diagnosis based on in the fusion of a mathematical result (tabulation of the procedural code and proof of reliability).

These analyses are adapted to the type of position that the candidate is looking for and this service is used by the Human Resources area.

How does background

checks work?

It is a personal safety study that contains information on the current status of candidates, to know if they are suitable for position.

This data is basically:

  • An analysis of the history in official
  • Mathematical tabulation of results according to process status and severity.
  • Adjustable tabulation according to the organizational values of the company, thus reducing the possibility of discarding valuable candidates for the client.

In the end these statistics and results will be inclined towards the good of the company and the candidate himself. That is why accompanied by them, there are the psychological tests of reliability.

 Some of its most remarkable features are: That it is 100% digital, this saves a lot of time and money, is easy to answer, is friendly to the evaluated and has an algorithm programmed to avoid repeated tests s.

This test measures behavioral trends such as theft, theft, fraud, illicit substance use, sexual harassment, disloyalty, etc. with an easy interpretation of the results.

In general and short summary, the ACA process  is: Background check (facts), followed by the reliability test (behaviors) which results in a comprehensive report of the Evaluated.

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